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Bhutan Labour Market Information system (BLMIS) was mainly developed for the easy access to key labour market data in a summary format. It disseminates information on current labour market situation and provides information to both labour supply and demand. It also includes qualitative and quantitative information which will assist and empower policy makers and planners for precise planning and decision making on any labour market policy. The qualitative information is also available in the form of reports which users can download from the publication.
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    The Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

Survey Population 679700.0696500.0713200.0734850.0745939.0
Labour Force 325700.0331900.0334200.0336391.0345786.0
Persons Employed 312800.0320900.0323700.0329487.0335870.0
Unemployment Rate (%)
Survey Population distribution by age structure (%)
Rural-Urban Proportion (%)
Male-Female Proportion (%)
Male 49.548.648.848.949.6
Female 50.551.451.251.150.4
Labour Force Participation Rate (%)68.568.667.464.465.3
By Area
By Gender
Male 72.873.672.365.772.1
Female 64.663.967.463.258.9
Unemployment by area of residence (in %)
Unemployment by sex (in %)
Youth Unemployment Rate (%)
Youth Unemployment by area of residence (in %)
Urban 25.221.418.713.522.8
Youth Unemployment by sex (in %)
Female 14.711.

With a labour force participation rate of 66.84%, the employed persons increases every year and unemployment rate decreases

The Bhutan Labour Market Information System offers both time series and cross-sectional data for Bhutan's Labour market variables. For specific series and policy issues visit the respective menus as indicated above

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