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Posted by Administrator on 07-06-2013


Welcome to the LabourNet System. Following are the instructions for how to use it: step by step:

The first and the foremost step is to register in E-Job Portal for the employers. The user name and password should be same as in Job Portal. If employer wishes to use the Foreign Worker Recruitment Agent's (FWRA) services, you can provide the EMPLOYER ID to FWRA. Your Employer ID is generated in the Job Portal.

Try to maintain one username, password and employer ID, If you have applied for foreign workers of any category and want to check the status enter your application ID in the space provided in side bar, the status of your application will be shown.

Approved applications will lapse if not used within two months from the day it is approved. Use correct application forms, there are several forms, different for different purposes.
Follow proper entry and exit procedures during entry and exit of foreign workers, please ensure the work permit card is being read in the entry and exit points during entry and exit of foreign workers. Foreign workers should exit on or before the expiry of work permit card; else employer will be fined and penalized according to the rules and regulations.
Renewal of the work permit should be applied using the "renewal application form", and the renewal application form in advance of 15 days before the expiry of the work permit to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Remember to use the same username to apply for renewal of work permit, with which the fresh application form was filled up during the initial approval". One application is normally for one location. However, if you need multiple locations, please indicate against 'Exact location' in the application.

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