4th National HRD Advisory “an assessment of School-to-Work Transition support programs

The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is pleased to release the 4th National Human Resources Development (NHRD) Advisory 2017, developed under the theme ‘an assessment of school-to-work transition support programs’. The current theme was chosen due to growing importance and role of different School-to-Work Transition (STWT) support programs in supporting young jobseekers for successful transition in the world of work. The advisory aims to give an insight into the existing STWT support services of the MoLHR in terms of its outcome and delivery.


The document is available for download at www.molhr.gov.bt  under publication section.

The nine HRD advises highlighted in this document seeks to foster employment and support services for young people in transition and those who are not in transition yet. Therefore, the Ministry hopes that the advisory provides a useful guide and reference for necessary policy and program interventions from the government, policy makers, STWT program managers and stakeholders.