Announcement for Overseas Employment Vacancies

The Overseas Employment Unit would like to inform that the Ministry has approved for the actual advertisement and selection of jobseekers for employment in Kuwait in the following occupations submitted by M/s. Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism. Category Gender Slots Qualification Salary Work Place
1 Cook M/F  15

Class 10 and above

Nu. 28,600


Nejoud, Kuwait

2 Steward


3 Waitress 10
4 Head Waiter 10 Nu. 37,000
5 Commis 13 Nu. 28,600
6 Barman 15 Nu. 37,000

Terms and Conditions 

1. Accommodation: Provided by the Company
2. Transportation: Provided by the Company
3. Food/Staff Meal: Provided by the company
4. Joining Air Ticket and returning air ticket after completion of the contract : Provided by Company
5. Uniform: Provided by the company
6. Over time payment provided

Therefore, interested jobseekers are asked to apply with Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism. For further details, please contact the agent @  17320178.