Hubert Humphrey Fellowships 2018-2019

The Department of Employment and Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is pleased to announce the availability of six (3 for regular Humphrey Fellowship Program and 3 under the Long-Term English (LTE) Training*), non-degree Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship for 2018-2019 academic year, awarded by the government of United States of America, through the cultural Affairs, American Center, U.S, Embassy in New Delhi for the private and cooperate sector employees.

*The 3 nominees under Long Term English (LTE) language training opportunity is to facilitate the participation of candidates from non-elite populations, rural areas, minority group and others who may be excellent candidates but lack the necessary English language skills. Selected LTE participants will be brought to U.S for an intensive 20-25 weeks of pre-academic program to improve their language skills before transitioning to their academic-year Humphrey campuses.

- Awarded by USA Government

  1. Prerequisites of the Fellowships:
  • Be young mind mind-career professionals in leadership position having a commitment to public service and the potential for professional advancement;
  • Have minimum of full-time professional experience (prior to August 2018) in the relevant field, after completing a university degree, and should be interested in a policy aspects of their fields of specialization;
  • Have completed a university degree program requiring at least four years of fulltime study to quality for participation in U.S. Graduates study programs;
  • Be proficient in both written and spoken English (minimum TOEFL score of 525 paper-based or 71 internet based); although scores lower than the above may be eligible for the Long-Term English program.

Ineligible candidates include:

  • Recent university graduates (even if they have significant positions), university teachers or academic researchers with no management responsibilities (except in the fields of Substance Abuse Education, Prevention, and Treatment and Teaching of English as a Foreign Language);
  • Individuals who have attended a graduate school in the United States for one academic year or more during the seven years prior to August 2018; and individuals with other recent U.S. in-country experience of any kind lasting more than six months during the five years prior to August 2018.
  1. General Requirements  (in addition to the above criteria in Sl. No. 1) 
  • The eligible in-service private and cooperate employees have to fill fill up the in-service HRD form
  • Then produce valid security clearance
  • Produce CID copy
  • No due letter from nominating agency for private employees and audit clearance form from cooperate sector for corporate employees
  • Long-term studies medical fitness certificate
  • Appointment letter
  • Business license and one year income/salary statement
  • And others as per the HRD Rules and Regulation for non-civil service sector
  1. Application procedure and deadline 
  • The Fellowship Fields that applicants can specialize in are available here (click here);
  • Candidates are required to complete their applications online at on or before June 15, 2017;
  • Candidates must also submit a copy of their completed application to ;
  • The shortlisting of candidates will be done by U.S. Embassy, New Delhi. The name of the short-listed candidates will be announced on MoLHR and RCSC website for selection interview which is tentatively scheduled to take place in early August 2017.

The final approval of the selected nominees will be done by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State, Washington, D.C.

  1. General information

For clarification/queries, contact Rattu, HRSDD, DoEHR, MoLHR at 02-333867 (2097) or email at