Conducting of skill Training Programs (STP) under GoI PTA Project.


 Athang Training Academy, Yarab Institute for Hospitality Management, Druk Institute  of  Management and Technology, Niche Institute, , Drukn Tshemzo Training Institute, Institute for Professional studies, Rigsum Institute for Technical Education and Management, IBEST Institute, Lekdup Skill Development raining Institute, Kinley Yargay Training Institute, Thimphu and Computer Management Institute, Phuntsholing. 

Sub: Conducting of skill Training Programs (STP) under GoI PTA Project. 


With reference to our Expression of Interest  ( EoI) no. MoLHR/ PRO-01/2017-2018/375 dated 24th August 2017  for Skill Training Program under GoI PTA- Projects for FY 2017-2018, We regret to inform that all firms were disqualified based on the criteria’s in the Expression of Interest.

Therefore, the ministry will be carrying out re-tendering for the above mentioned work.