Department of Employment & Human Resources

MISSION:“Promote and facilitate gainful employment through provision of effective employment services”


“Every Bhutanese labour force attains full, decent and productive employment”

  • The production of technical desk manuals on employment services, and labor market information and research.A system for registering job seekers and applicants for training.A system for registering job vacancies.A monthly plan of canvassing/marketing visits by employment officers to enterprises.An annual plan of guidance visits by officers to schools.A computer system to facilitate nationwide preliminary matching.A system for receiving and recommending applications for work permits for foreign workers.A system for collecting relevant statistics on the operations of the employment service centers.
  • Awareness information including pamphlets, booklets, posters and videos, radio and TV talk shows.
  • Access to information from other departments and agencies.
  • Formal and informal linkages to other departments and agencies, particularly those concerned with employment and skill development.
  • Designing and operating a system to ensure that statistical information generated within the Ministry’s line departments is shared.
  • Developing a high quality computer system to assist in compilation of information.
  • Securing access to printing and other facilities for the reproduction of reports and bulletins.
  • Preparing and maintaining a register of institutions and agencies conducting research on labor and employment matters.
  • Developing formal and informal linkages to other institutions and agencies concerned with labor and employment research.