Department of Technical Education

The Department of Technical Education was established under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources in 2003. It has subsumed the mandates and functions of the erstwhile National Technical Training Authority (NTTA) with the additional responsibility of Human Resource Development (HRD) for the private corporate sector.

A nation with competent and productive workforce with positive values’

To achieve a globally competitive workforce for a cohesive society and secure economic future for all citizens through the provisions of policies and programs on Technical Vocational Education and Training and Human Resource Development Activities.

With increased mandates and scope of the Department’s functions there is a need enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. So initiatives to streamlining its functions are under progress. Soon it is to be bifurcated in two departments. One will be the Department of Technical education and Skills Development with the sole responsibility of the development and implementation of National TVET in Bhutan. The functions of the Training & Professional Services Division are to be institutionalized under the proposed National Institute for Technical Education under this department.

The second department will be the Department of National Human Resource Development which will assume the responsibilities carried out by the HRD Division to forecast & facilitating HRD planning and implementing the private corporate sector HRD.