During the next five years the Department of Employment will strive to achieve the following objectives:

    • A performance oriented employment service will be established and become operational in three locations throughout the country offering placement, guidance, information and advisory services.

  •  Special programs of employment assistance for special groups, including school leavers, unemployed youth and disabled persons, will be in place and become operational.

  • Arrangements for the issue of work permits for foreign workers will be improved to ensure maximum employment opportunities for Bhutanese job seekers.

  • An inspection systemfor employment arrangements for foreign workers will be in place and become operational.

  • A national employment policy, stressing employment creation including arrangements for the employment of foreign workers, will have been prepared and became operational.

  • A series of job fairs involving job seekers, enterprises and training providers will have been planned and conducted.

  • The collection and compilation of labor and employment information from surveys will be extended and improved.

  • Information on the private sector, particularly concerning the composition, levels and trends in employment, and levels and trends in labor productivity will be collected, analyzed and disseminated on a regular basis.

  • A centralized system for the collection of labor and employment statistics derived from administrative records will be in place and became operational.

  • Labor and employment bulletins and reports of good quality will be prepared and issued on a regular basis.