Policy Guidelines

The primary objective of the national labour administration system is to ensure that workers have a descent and productive working conditions, freedom, equality, security and human dignity. The Department of Labour is entrusted with the responsibilities for:

• Employment conditions

• Safety and health at work

• Social security/ Social protection

• Foreign workers management

• Labour dispute and its settlement

• Collective bargaining and collective dispute settlement

In keeping with the constitution of Bhutan, the country’s Labour Administration Policy and the Labour and Employment Act, 2007 the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Labour are therefore, aimed to facilitate the fulfillment of the mandates enshrined in these documents.

  • Vision

A Nation where there is a harmonious and productive relationship between workers and employers

  • Mission

The Department of Labour is dedicated to the economic and social progress of the nation through the formulation and effective implementation of labor policies and the provision of high quality services for the benefit of workers and employers in the private and corporate sectors throughout the Kingdom in the fields of:

a. Foreign workers

b. Labor inspection

c. Labor relations

d. Social Protection