During the 10th Plan, the Department of Labor will strive to achieve the following objectives.

• Labor laws and regulations concerning labor inspection and labor relations will be drafted, submitted to the Ministry for approval, widely publicized and enforced.

• All enterprises liable to inspection will be inspected on average at least once per year.

• All workers, both national and foreign, will benefit from labor protection activities through a safer and healthier working environment, and improved working conditions.

• A national wage policy for the private and corporate sectors will be in place and implemented.

• A national occupational safety and health policy will be in place and supporting laws and regulations will be enacted, implemented and enforced.

• An integrated labor inspection system will be established and become operational.

• A system for bargaining on a range of labor relations issues, including wages and working conditions, will be established.

• Labor dispute prevention mechanisms will be established and become operational in various enterprises.

• Labor dispute resolution and settlement mechanisms, taking due account of traditional and customary approaches, will be in place and become operational.

• Minimize and manage the numbers of foreign workers.



The operational strategies of the Department to achieve these objectives are:

• Regulations on working conditions under the Labour and Employment Act, 2007 are developed and implemented,

• OHS policy/regulations are put in place,

• A national level wage policy is put in place and implemented,

• An integrated labour inspection system is institutionalized,

• Industrial/labour dispute prevention, resolution and settlement mechanism is institutionalized,

• Collective bargaining system through enterprise level workers association institutionalized.

• Foreign workers recruitment and management system strengthened through continuous upgradation of the labournet and reorganization of the Foreign Workers Recruitment Agents.