These objectives will be pursued through a departmental structure comprised of three divisions.

A. The Standards and Qualifications Division which will focus on:

    • Development of quality assured National Competency Standards (NCS) and Qualifications for priority occupations based on the Labour Market Information, training diversification plans of the Department of Human Resources and needs of the training providers;
    • Planning, establishment and co-ordination of Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) for all priority economic sectors;
    • Establishing effective linkage with Industry for the development of National Competency Standard and qualifications;
    • Advocacy and education on standards and qualifications to all the stakeholders.

B. The Assessment and Certification Division which will focus on:

    • Planning, development and implementation of a harmonised national assessment and certification system for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training providers;
    • Development of quality of assessment resources for each occupation based on the NCS;
    • Training, registration and accreditation of Assessors in collaboration with the Training & Professional Support Division of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Quality Assurance Division;
    • Establishment of assessment centers in collaboration with the training providers and and their accreditation by the Quality Assurance Division;
    • Certification and award of national qualifications and certificates.
    • Advocacy and education on the national assessment and certification system to all the stakeholders.

C. The Quality Assurance Division which will focus on:

  • Quality assurance of the Bhutan Vocational Qualifications Framework.
  •  Implementation of the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers, 2010
  •  Development and implementation of an accreditation system for TVET programmes
  •  Quality assurance and approval of training programmes developed by training providers