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Registration of Training Providers

  1. What is Registration?
  2. What is a Registered Training Provider?
  3. What are the benefits of registration to a training provider?
  4. What are the benefits of registration for Training Seekers?
  5. Who registers Training Providers in Bhutan?
  6. Is it mandatory for all training providers to register with the Department?
  7. What is the role of the Department of Occupational Standards?
  8. How does a training provider become registered?
  9. How do I apply for Registration?
  10. What happens after on-site evaluation?
  11. Can the training provider appeal if registration is refused?
  12. How are Training Provider rated A, B and C grade?
  13. Are there fees for registration?
  14. How long does registration last?
  15. What do I renew registration certificate?
  16. How long does the process take?
  17. How do the training providers notify the department on changes made by the institute?
  18. How do you ensure that Training Providers comply with regulation for registration of training providers?
  19. What happens if I do not comply with the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers?  
  20. Can I provide feedback on the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers if there are areas that I think should change?  

Registration is one of the quality assurance systems whereby the Department of Occupational Standards will nationally recognize the training institute for meeting minimum quality standards specified in the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers 2010. It indicates the training providers can deliver, assess and issue qualifications or statements of attainment to a nationally agreed standard for the specific vocational education and training qualifications.

Training providers are registered in accordance with the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers 2010, to provide education and training services. Training Providers include government, private, NGOs, corporation and association. 
Across Bhutan, there are over 78 training providers registered with the Department as on March.2013.

Registration enables a training providers to:

  • deliver and/or assess nationally recognized training throughout Bhutan
  • issue BVQF qualifications which are recognized by the industry and the Department of Occupational Standards, MoLHR
  • confidently accept the qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other providers because they have been subjected to the same quality processes
  • use training products developed by industry to meet industry needs
  • have its registration and contact details listed on the Ministry’s website and the Directory of Training Providers

Training seekers benefit from:

  • national recognition of training institutes gained ( Grade A, B and C)
  • knowing that their training is being delivered by an organization which meets national standards
  • enhanced career prospects because the qualifications are based on identified industry needs

Access to recognition of prior learning (RPL), also known as recognition of current competence (RCC) 

Department of Occupational Standards, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources is responsible for Registration of Training Providers in Bhutan. 

Yes, It is mandatory for all training providers (public, private, NGOs, Corporations) offering certificate courses to obtain certificate of Registration to offer training in Bhutan and meet the minimum national standards specified in the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers 2010.Organizations are not permitted to offer training without registration certificate issued by the department.

The Department of Occupational Standards is mandated for assuring the quality of training delivered by registered training providers against the national standards. Where a training providers wish to deliver training and issue nationally recognized qualifications the training providers must first become registered training providers and courses must be accredited, with requirements and standards within the Guidelines for Accreditation of Training Courses 2011. 

To become registered, a training provider must comply with the standards specified in the Regulation for Registration of Training Providers 2010 and must submit filled in application form, as required by the Department.

The training provider must:

  • Self-assess all of its operations against the Registration standards
  • Complete registration application forms with all required supporting document and submit application to the department.

The Department shall conduct desk evaluation and on-site evaluation of the training institute, to ensure compliance with the Regulations for Registration of Training Providers 2010.  

Download and fill in the registration application form and send to Department of Occupational Standards with all relevant documents specified in the Regulation. Your application form will be reviewed by the department; in-case of any clarification the department will contact you, if not on-site evaluation will be conducted without your prior information. 

The department will notify the training provider of the outcome of the on-site evaluation. If successful, the training provider will receive a registration certificate confirming it can operate as a registered training institute. 

Yes. If on-site evaluation is unsuccessful, the training provider has the right to appeal the decision of the department through an appeal process with 10 days.

Training providers are rated grade A, B and C according to the standards specified in the Regulation. The overall rating is 1000 points, any evaluated institute with minimum of 500 points are registered. Those with less than 500 points will NOT be registered by the department. Points for each grades are mentioned below:

  • 851-1000- Grade A
  • 701- 850- Grade B
  • 500- 700- Grade C

Training Provider will have to pay Initial Registration fee of Nu.1000 to the Royal Government.

The validity of registration certificate depends on the registration grade provided by the department. For grade “C” up to 1year, grade “B” up to two years and Grade “A” up to three years. 

For renewal of registration, the training provider must fill in the renewal form and apply to the department at least 30 days in advance prior to expiry of registration, allowing sufficient time for on-site evaluation to be completed prior to the expiry date of their current registration. For renewal training providers have to pay A renewal Nu.500 for grade C and Nu. 600 as a renewal fee to the Government. 

Important: Training Providers must produce valid registration certificate at the time of renewal of Business License with the Regional Trade and Industry Office, MoEA.

The overall evaluation of your application and on-site evaluation can take up to one month from the receipt of the application to approval. This evaluation timeframe will depend on several factors including the location of your institute etc. You will not be able to market your courses until approval of registration is granted.

A training provider should notify the department in the following major changes made by the institutes:

  1. Change of ownership
  2. Change of name of training institute, location, trainer, facilities
  3. Change of partnership and training courses

The department reserves the right to accept or reject any changes made by the institutes

Registered training providers are monitored by the Department and Regional Employment and Labour Office based on grade assigned by the department, Grade A once a year and Grade B and C twice a year. The performance of training providers are evaluated and rated as Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Need Improvement. During monitoring visit, shortcoming identified and referred to the concerned institutes for corrective actions. 

Non-compliance with the regulation for registration of training providers will mean that your registration certificate may be cancelled and the Department will notify Ministry of Economic Affairs to cancel the Business license. 

The regulation for registration of training providers is subjected to continuous improvement. We welcome feedback on the regulation and their implementation. However, amendments are made only based on endorsement by the Ministry. 

Further information please contact: 

Quality Assurance Division,

Department of Occupational Standards, MoLHR, Tel: + 975-2-333867/326732/324845 (ext.  2143).

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