1) Vocational Education and Training Division

  • Oversees the management and administration of the DHR technical training institutes and the Institutes of Zorig Chusum.
  •  Increase access and improve quality of training through expansion and establishment of new institutes.
  •  Implement various short term training programs for the school leavers in priority economic sectors
  •  Co-ordinate and implement community Skills Development Program and Special Skills Development Program targeted towards enhancing livelihood and poverty alleviation
  •  Coordinate in-country training selection for public training institutes
  •  Monitor & evaluate public TVET institutes and all TVET programs.
  •  Coordinate and implement apprenticeship programs in collaboration with the key industries
  •  Develop advocacy strategies/materials and conduct all forms of advocacy to promote the development and participation in the TVET programs.
  •  Liaise with Industries to strengthen Public Private Partnership for promotion and implementation of TVET


2) Training and Professional Services Division

  • The division is responsible for building the capacity of the instructors/trainers (from Public and Private Institutes) through the implementation of various Training of Trainers in Pedagogy and Curriculum writing. Conduct capacity building programs in development of learning materials and organize other skills up-gradation programs
  •  Facilitates and oversees the curriculum design and development for new training courses (thought the subsequent sentence wasn’t necessary)
  •  Review and validate existing curricula for various training programs to keep pace with changing market needs and standards.
  •  Monitor and supervise training delivery in the institutes
  •  Conduct research and evaluation to improve the vocational education and training system
  •  Publication, dissemination and induction of curricula and materials


3) Human Resources Development Division

  • This division facilitates & coordinates the implementation of NHRD policy
  •  Provides advisory services in terms of  HRD forecasting and planning to the various HRD agencies and sectors through the 1) development of National Human Resource Development Road map in accordance with the economic development policy and 2) the HRD planning directions in the medium term through the development of HRD advisory series
  •  Conducts research on HRD issues and trends
  •  Responsible for developing and implementation of HRD Master plan  for private and corporate sector
  •  Review & develop regulations for implementation of HRD support to Private & corporate sector
  •  Coordinate and Process the in-service fellowship and scholarship programs for the Private Corporate sector.
  •  Currently the division also has the responsibility of reviewing and recommending proposals for the establishment of new training institutes based on the establishment regulations for training providers

Institutes under the Department

  1. Technical Training Institute Thimphu
  2. Institute of Zorigchusum Thimphu,
  3. Technical Training Institute Khuruthang,
  4. Technical Training Institute Samthang
  5. Technical Training Institute Chumey
  6. Technical Training Institute Rangjung
  7. Technical Training Institute Sershong
  8. Institute of Zorigchusum Tashiyangtse