Notification for General Public

This is to notify the general public that the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources has observed that most of the employers have employed employees/workers for more than one year through breakdown of the contract duration.

Therefore, as provided under section 52 of the Labour and Employment Act of Bhutan 2007, if the employer employs employee(s)/worker(s) for more than a year for same or similar work, irrespective of contract duration or the breakdown of the contract duration in the contract of employment, the employee is deemed to be employed under Section 52 of Labour and Employment Act of Bhutan 2007 and are entitled to benefits as per the Act.

Such rights and obligations shall be enforced with effect from 15th May 2017

14th National Job Fair, 2017

The Department of Employment and Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources is pleased to announce that the 14th National Job Fair is scheduled for 17th & 18th May, 2017 at the parking below Changlimithang stadium, Thimphu.

The Fair is an opportunity for jobseekers to meet with employers and understand the job market and employment opportunities both within and outside the country. All jobseekers are invited to attend.

First batch Graduates from short-course Furniture training from Chumey-TTI

The first group of 9 candidates graduated on 4th May 2017 from Chumey- Technical Training Institute. The graduates are certified at National Certification II. These graduates will be working in different furniture houses that are currently facing shortage of furniture makers. The MoLHR is currently training youths in furniture making in both in-country as well as ex-country institutions. A total of about 300 youths are expected to graduate by July 2017.

The furniture products made by the 9 students at Chumey-TTI were donated to different communities and offices in the country.