Skilling, YELP, and Entrepreneurship support services

The Department of Employment and Human Resources (DoEHR) is pleased to announce the following support services as part of the workforce recovery initiative to support job seekers in transition to work and those unemployed.
Key Support Services

Who can apply?

1. Job seekers

2. Unemployed (as a result of COVID-19 and overseas returnees)

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Job seeker and unemployed


Training Provider



What is YELP?

YELP or Youth Engagement and Livelihood Program is an engagement support designed to benefit both employer and unemployed/job seekers. The DoEHR will provide allowance to individuals recruited by employers under YELP.

What support is provided under YELP?

A monthly allowance of Nu 5000 per month will be provided during the duration of engagement/attachment with employer.

How long is the duration of the support?

Duration of support can range from 3 to 12 months

How do i apply for YELP?

Announcement on these opportunities are posted Hereon receipt of requisition from employers. Once vacancies are posted, job seekers can apply online.

Critical Skills Training

What is Critical Skills Training (or CST)?

CST is a program that provides different skills training to unemployed/ job seekers interested to learn skills as a means to employment. After skilling support, individuals can take up employment in existing sector or seek self-employment opportunities.

What support is provided under CST?

The training is fully funded by the DoEHR, therefore you don't have to pay tuition/training fees to the training providers/institutes. In addition, the DoEHR will also provide a monthly allowance during the training.

How long is the CST program?

The duration of different trainings vary (1 to 12 months duration) according to the type of training and learning content. Details on this information is made available when specific training availability is announced by the DoEHR.

How do i apply?

Once the training providers are selected, announcement of training is made available on Here. Individuals may apply with the respective training providers (information provided with announcement).

Entrepreneurship Development Program

What is Entrepreneurship Development Program or EDP)?

EDP is a program that supports individuals interested in setting up their own small businesses. Individuals will be supported in terms of entrepreneurship training, developing viable business plans, and linking with funding institutions.

What support is provided under EDP?

The entrepreneurship training is provided free of cost with daily allowances during training period. Individuals are provided with platform to showcase their ideas during different startup events and competitions.

How long is the program?

The Basic Entrepreneurship Training is for 15 days and the Advanced Entrepreneurship Training is provided for 21 days. The events ranges from 1 to 5 days.

How do i apply for the above support?

Announcement on these opportunities are posted on (under announcement section) and Ministry’s Facebook page. Once programs are available, you can register here